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Welcome to M2W Events!

Our Brand Experts are the heart and soul of any great campaign we run. They are the feet on the street and the faces that you meet. Our M2W Events site is where we are able to communicate, offer job opportunities and house our online reporting system for our brand experts. In our company you are not just a number or a name in our database, but a person with an identity.

We are always welcoming new talent into our group. If you are interested in joining the M2W family please sign up and fill out the appropriate paperwork. An M2W representative will review your profile and once approved you will be ready to receive event invitations.

M2W puts all event opportunities out through an email system that will let you know when you have an open event on your calendar. Once you receive that email login to the system and check your invites on your calendar. Click on the event to see the details about the shift, the pay and other important information. If this event looks like something you are interested in doing go ahead and put yourself on the waitlist. The program manager will then pick the best people who have said they were available to work on that event.

Events are updated regularly so make sure to check your calendar often. If you should have any issues with the system, please click "Report Bug" in the bottom right and be as descriptive as possible.

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